Our Lab

The layout of our lab encompasses a modern open plan, organo-synthetic chemistry central research lab housing 20 low velocity high containment fume cupboards, with IR auto sash closure, surrounded by supporting techniques lab facilities and writing up areas, a bio-chemical peptide synthesizer, purification and characterization lab, tissue culture suite and microbiology lab. Adjacent to the facility are analytical facilities including mass spec, NMR and micro-analysis. This allows staff and students to produce, identify, purify, check purity and test for bio-activity on a single site. 

The North facing roof windows throughout the labs (including the write-up space and equipment lab) allow a maximum of daylight to enter. Together with the bright colour scheme it is a very desirable place to work and spend many hours. Adjacent to the labs is a seminar room, conveniently accessible for talks of visiting researchers and students.


Our equipment includes direct access to all state-of-the-art (single, multiple, microwave) peptide synthesis, purification (normal and reverse phase prep HPLC, flash chromatography systems), and characterisation equipment (both ES-MS with ion-trap and MALDI-TOF-MS). It has equipment for binding/interaction studies (ITC, FRET, plate reader) and facilities for microbiological work and tissue culture


The lab has won the S-Lab Awards 2015 in the category Refurbished Laboratory.